mike-wilsonAll of us, when young, dream of doing something with our lives. Whether it’s becoming president, performing as an artist of some kind, or breaking out into the business world, we all envision ourselves doing something that, at the time, looks like something we would enjoy. When Mike Wilson decided to break out of his october sky and leave a small town outside of Houston to become a marine, he had no idea of the changes and turns that would lead him to the work he now enjoys today.

“I was tired of the small town life, and didn’t want to be stuck in the timber business all my life,” he begins. Whereas some join the marines simply as a chance to serve their country and see some action if possible, Mike wanted more: to become an air traffic controller. However, while there, he acquired a secondary occupational specialty for HVAC systems, even attending school at night, and by the time his service was coming to an end in 1987, the long hours and highly complex stresses of keeping planes safe and on schedule began to weigh on him. “By that time, I knew that if I wanted to keep my sanity intact, I was going to have to get away from controlling aircraft”. And so began his flight plan.
His technical skills in cooling system repair and heating system repair provided for a job opportunity in Southern California, managing 75 accounts ranging from the San Diego Zoo to wine companies. From there to working on Navy hovercraft at the base where he was formerly stationed, to service management and leadership in sales training to new technicians, some secondary education in marketing became necessary. The marketing degree he subsequently obtained provided for the foreseeable opportunities on the horizon.

As luck would have it, A company in Houston calls on him to manage them for one year, but the “torrential rainfall and swarming mosquitoes” gave him a mind to return to an HVAC and plumbing service company in California. The California market turned fickle, and as a VP servicing Silicone Valley, in 2002 he decided to try his hand at a service company in Fort Collins, who at the time needed a Division Manager.

Eight years later, having heard somewhere of the name Chaput Rootmaster, he had been looking to relocate to Denver. “I had heard of Chaput, and was on a HVAC website looking for a new opportunity. I wanted something where I could sell and satisfy the customer, but also a chance to train and teach the next generation of servicemen.” In the fall of 2010, he finally touched down in Denver.

Chaput has given him the freedom to use all of his sales experience to implement new changes in a new business environment, remain engaged in a customer-focused sales process, and teach and train the next generation of servicemen. “This service market is changing constantly, and what worked perfectly even 10 short years ago can be outdated and non-productive today,” he instructs like a classroom professor. What’s his favorite part of the job? “Increasing revenue while bringing value to customers. Makes for a win-win.”

From felling trees in a small town, to manning trenches in battles halfway across the world. From the heat and humidity of Houston, to the beautiful wilderness of Denver’s front range. From an unstable, fluctuating market ten years ago, to sustained growth with a company he loves today. “Had I not gotten the opportunity to work at Chaput Rootmaster”, he says, “I would’ve had to either move out of Colorado, or take a position with a lesser employer. Either way, I would have had to leave who I am behind.” For Mike Wilson, finding the finest plumbing and heating services company to work for, was worth all the work to get there.

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