Gas flameDenver winter nights can be downright cold. Few things are more frustrating and expensive than boiler repair, and oftentimes, the repair and replacement is too complicated and time-consuming for homeowners. If the unit hasn’t been maintained, or is an older model that should have already been replaced, chances are likely that the necessary repairs will exceed those of a total replacement. Oftentimes with Denver boilers, the unit was not maintained and so is difficult to clean or has rusted unto inefficiency. Or there are many parts that are leaking which, if left untreated, leads to decay and corrosion of vital components. And with today’s rising energy costs eating up one’s budget, the need to find a better solution for home heating becomes an imperative. In this article we’ll be talking about modern hydronic boilers, specifically the Buderus brand, along with its accompanying benefits and usage tips.

How a Buderus Boiler Works

A Buderus boiler is a condensing boiler with temperature modulation controls. By condensing we mean that it creates moisture as it runs, and so you have to drain that condensation, or pump it out by some kind of external drain. By modulation we mean that it has, positioned at the top of the unit, an electronic control system, which constantly modulates—or differentiates between—the outside ambient air temperature and the temperature of the water, and adjusts that temperature accordingly. So when it’s hot outside, the boiler will use only enough heat to increase the temperature to the degree needed, and when it’s cold outside, it will adjust likewise. The heating element temperature, water temperature, and outside air temperature are constantly monitored. Since conventional boilers are prone to temperature cycling (meaning, wide swings in temperature when a house gets too hot or too cold), the cost savings from the consistent heating action of a Buderus boiler is notable. Compared to a typical heating bill in your home, you may save as much as 30% to 40 % over the course of a year.

The Importance Of Servicing Your Denver Boiler

Regardless of the make or model, every boiler must be maintained. Cavities get dirty and pipes begin to leak. Drains get clogged and water doesn’t heat consistently. Most boilers are not cleaned or serviced on schedule, which is why many people run into problems and ultimately have to make a costly replacement. Most Buderus boiler problems either originate with the oil tank or improper installation. The oil tank and accompanying filter provide power for the burner, and need to be cleaned every 1 to 2 years or else it becomes like a sludge, slowing down the system and causing problems. Not all HVAC reps do the following, but at Chaput we can make sure and install a new oil filter on schedule, or if needed, install a smaller filter next to the burner to ensure that it runs smoothly.

The Difference Buderus Makes

Some unique features make the Buderus boiler a highly attractive and prudent purchase. When it comes time to service the unit, both the swinging door and the internal cylindrical cavities make for easy access and a more thorough cleaning (using a wire brush). The electronic modulation controls, while optional upon ordering the unit, are simple to manage, and provide for the temperature modulation, which is essential to the cost-savings. The entire system is compact, thus taking up less space wherever installed. Many of the models are made with case-aluminum, a particularly lightweight and durable metal, able to withstand fluctuating ranges in temperatures without breaking down. These basic features, plus a host of other customizable add-ons fitted specifically to your system, make a Denver Buderus boiler a wise choice.

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