denver-breezair-icon-evaporative-coolerHave you ever wondered why it’s so much cooler on a coastline near the ocean? The reason you feel cooler near the ocean is because when air blows over the water, some of the heat is absorbed by the water and it turns to a gaseous state, commonly known as evaporation. An evaporative cooler compresses this natural process into a compartmentalized device, specially designed to cool down the ambient air temperature in a room or multiple rooms. Unlike conventional air conditioners, evaporative cooler’s lack a compressor and condenser coils, one of the numerous parts needed to run central air conditioning systems. Thus, they have fewer parts, take up less space, and use less than half of the electricity needed to run a conventional air conditioning system, which translates into a substantial cost savings to the Denver homeowner. So where does all this cooling efficiency in evaporative coolers come from? From two things, essentially: electronic control systems for the fan and motor, and water quality control systems that work to maintain a more consistent water flow and airflow. So what makes the Breezair evaporative cooler so unique, and worth your money?

The models built by Breezair go as far back as the 1950s, when modern evaporative cooling technology was in its infancy. Very few companies have had the age and experience to perfect the science of cooling. Since that time, Breezair has patented just about every aspect of their impressively efficient systems. A special aspen tree fiber (ChillCel) is used for the water pads, combined with a special water distribution system designed to keep clogging to an absolute minimum. Believe it or not, impurities and debris in the water can translate into your evaporative cooler using 1.5 or 2 times more overall electricity to run the cooler. Breezair’s special water quality control system, the patented Water Miser (an electronic device), automatically monitors the quality of the water so that you know at a glance when the water needs to be cleaned, saving the time it would normally take to manually check it. In the past, adjusting the machine to suit the temperature in your home required physically going to the machine each time. With Breezair coolers, user-friendly remote control displays can be placed strategically throughout the house so that you can change it quickly from wherever you are. The ability to adjust the temperature of a baby’s room from the kitchen, for example, allows for the unit to run only when it needs to run, and remain off the rest of the time. An auto-drain system keeps the evaporative cooler free and clear of algae when not running, virtually eliminating the need to go on the roof to drain the cooler once summer is over. Most notably the crown jewel of a Breezair cooler is a particular type of fan called a centrifugal fan. Due to the special shape and placement of the fan blades, and the way air travels over this fan, the Breezair evaporative cooler is considered one of the most quiet fans on the market today, consistently pulling in a maximum amount of air at the lowest possible speed. The Breezair ICON series for example, runs on the same amount of power needed to run a household light bulb, which costs about $25 a year.

The cost of energy is going up each year, and in these tough economic times, Colorado homeowners are looking in their budgets for every possible way to reduce costs. Additionally, XCel Energy and other electricity providers throughout the nation offer rebates for installing certain qualified high-efficiency units such as Breezair coolers. With their patented components and electronic controls, incomparable experience in crafting cooling technologies, low power usage, and effectiveness combined with quietness, Breezair’s evaporative coolers may be one of the wisest investments in reducing your Denver energy bill. Take a look at a Breezair cooler today, and see which one is right for you.

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