hot-dawg-heater-denver-garageAs we’ve seen from our recent snowstorms and sub-zero temperatures, Colorado winters can be pretty tough. Nothing makes working in your garage more uncomfortable than working in the cold. A Hot Dawg space heater is the perfect solution, making winter garage work in your Denver house much more enjoyable.

The Hot Dawg space heater comes in a variety of sizes each made for a different application. Whether you have a smaller one car garage or a large commercial garage, Hot Dawg has the right size space heater for your needs. The BTU/Hr input ranges from 30,000 BTU/hr for a one car garage, to a heavy duty 75,000 BTU/Hr for a commercial application. For Colorado’s high altitude, a high altitude kit is available. The Hot Dawg’s neutral color and lightweight design allows it to be mounted easily away from your workstation, making it nearly invisible. Due to the fact that the Hot Dawg uses propane or natural gas, even if the power goes out, you’ll be able to enjoy the heat expelled from this unit.

The Hot Dawg comes in two different models. These include the power exhausted model, and the separated combustion model. The power exhausted model draws air from the space being heated. For example, in a garage, air would be taken into the heater directly from the garage, heated and then pushed back into the garage. This model is ideal for a garage or similar area with no large airborne debris. This ensures absolute safety by not allowing any combustible materials like sawdust enter the heater.
However for areas with a large amount of airborne debris, a different model is necessary. For an area like a woodshop, the separated combustion model is best. This model takes its air supply from fresh outside air. This allows the unit to require less maintenance in dusty environments, and gives greater durability in hostile applications. This model also has thermostat and gas connections for greater ease of use.

hot-dawg-space-heater-denverAs for maintenance, it couldn’t be easier. The unit includes a permanently sealed and lubricated motor for trouble free dependability. The heater also comes with a two year warranty on materials and workmanship on all parts aside from the heat exchanger, which has a ten year warranty. The unit is coated in electrostatically applied and baked polyester-powder paint for durability as well. Every Hot Dawg heater also includes advance diagnostic controls that monitor all of the primary functions. If your heater doesn’t start, a led light will flash, making the problem easily fixable. Perhaps one of the most important features of these heaters is that they are certified for residential, commercial, and industrial uses.

A Hot Dawg space heater could be just what your Denver garage needs during our cold Colorado winters. Contact us today and we can see if the Hot Dawg space heater is a good solution for your Denver home.

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